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Unique Services for Associations & Nonprofits

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Teacher reading to a group of children
Teacher reading to children

Services for Associations


We develop and manage survey projects that collect and report critical management metrics for associations. Effective campaign management ensures that you maximize participation, learning what you need overall and for critical audience and membership segments. Our reporting ensures that you can clearly see top-level results, have easy tools to drill down into more detailed findings, and understand why members and non-members feel the way they do.

Qualitative/Secondary Research

Not every management problem requires extensive survey work. We often conduct personal interviews and (generally online) focus groups prior to many surveys and sometimes in lieu of an in-depth quantitative study.

Our work often includes systematic reviews of recent/past research, transactional data and personal histories to ensure that we build on your current understanding of problems, levering institutional histories, staff expertise, and past transactions to ensure that you have the full background  germane to your current problem and to help you solve future problems with the knowledge base we develop for you. 

Membership Marketing

We often work with our organizations to sharply improve how they cultivate and convert new members and donors, increase engagement and retention among current members, and to change their membership structure and dues levels to increase revenue and build a stronger platform for success. Our services include top-flight direct marketing design, advice on digital marketing tactics, analysis and testing of approaches meant to put you in a far better position than when we began the research process.    

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