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Our Clients

Our clients include a wide mix of large and small associations, highly-targeted and some broad research focused on organization-wide membership or programmatic needs. Our experience as successful, pioneering association staff working in multiple functions and deep volunteer experience makes us very empathetic and effective in delivering research and developing successful marketing campaigns.


We achieved outstanding results for a small national association managing their membership acquisition program for four years using a data driven program built from state licensure lists. We conducted diversity and a clinical practices surveys, and managed their conference promotions.

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We managed membership acquisition for a number of "blue chip" associations early on, such as helping SHRM almost double in size before a period in which it eventually grew from 35,000 to more than 300,000 members. Our work with CRS taught us to "scale up" but most smaller associations are happy with campaigns that add just 300-400 members at a time. Two campaigns a year with SVU, writing copy and doing database management and artwork working with Scott Oser Associates has led to a sharp increase in membership.


We managed a survey with 1,200 participating association executives and a series of surveys conducted with 25,000 total volunteer and non-volunteer member participants from 50 participating associations, resulting in the ASAE Foundation's Achieving Mutually Beneficial Volunteer Relationships white paper. (Conducted with Mariner Management.)  


We have conducted a series of surveys over 10 years for the national network of state societies of association executives with as many as 30 opting into each project, including Executive Compensation & Benefits studies with custom reporting for each state, and single needs assessments for CalSAE, GSAE, ISAE, NE/SAE, and regular features in MSAE and speaking engagements for other state societies. 

We do extensive database work for every quantitative research project and membership marketing campaign, but with CRF we converted many donor files from various vendors into a single large integrated file of individual donors and donor histories. CRF's analytics combined a million total records into a standard format required by their new DMS. 

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