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Management-Focused Surveys

We have conducted more than 420 survey projects over the years including global needs assessments and specialized studies in areas among specific audience segments and in specific subject areas including education, conference evaluations, user studies, publication readership, web site evaluation, and new program feasibility. Our ability to analyze your results and to present these findings very clearly to your board and key decision-makers are what truly set us apart from other service providers.  


Compensation & Financial Surveys

​We have conducted 100 survey projects focused on reporting compensation, benefits, and/or financial and operations data for specific industries and professions. These include individually reported and institutional surveys with HR contacts reporting organization-wide data. Our marketing-driven methodology ensures sufficient participation and detailed reports and presentations give participants what they need to assess their own compensation rates and financial performance.


Qualitative Research

Kevin holds a certification from Riva Research's Moderator Training School and has facilitated more than 75 focus groups, almost exclusively among association audiences. We frequently conduct executive interviews among association leaders, volunteers, and rank-and-file members and non-members. These are often conducted in conjunction with surveys, with accessible top-line reports, detailed transcripts, and in-depth analysis of verbatim comments to help address delicate and nuanced subjects.


Secondary Research

Perhaps where we shine most is in our ability to glean insights from the wealth of information you already hold: reports and data from studies you've conducted in the past, transaction and membership databases, past Board reports, even the anecdotal memories of your staff. Because our goal is first and foremost to empower you to answer your own questions, we work from the inside out to truly understand your organization, culture, and unique relationship with your members to provide real answers that really work for you.

Data Mining

We deliver state of the art solutions for most database marketing and analytical applications. We have strong technical backgrounds on staff, including PhD training and extensive experience with database, spreadsheet, and statistical model applications. We are able to glean insights from very small samples or from multi-million record databases, and to convey our learnings in simple ways that get to the heart of your marketing and programmatic challenges.

Marketing Campaigns

We develop marketing campaigns for membership recruitment and reinstatement and donor acquisition, including direct mail and integrated mail, digital, and telemarketing campaigns. Our campaigns often make extensive use of variable copy and careful list and data management to take full advantage of opportunities for developing highly customized and targeted packages while managing production costs. Click here to see recent samples


Association Program & Marketing/Communications Audits

We periodically conduct assessments for association membership, education, communications, and marketing programs. This often includes a full creative review, analysis of transactional data, past opinion research, and some primary research to fill in the gaps for a holistic review that identifies areas of improvement in promotion, pricing, positioning, and structure.

Provider Network

Despite our unusual range and depth of services, we don't try to be all things to all people. We work in alliance with other consultants to ensure that we are recommending the best solution at all times. As such we work with strong copywriters, creative directors and agencies, database designers, strategic planning facilitators, trainers, and other specialists.

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